We help start-up companies with remarkable ideas and executable plans. We are ALWAYS willing to listen to new ideas, even crazy ideas. If you think you have an idea that is worth incubating, please review the 5 Stages on the right. If you have any ideas...

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Stage 1: Laying an Egg

In our business, "Laying An Egg" is a good thing, because we look at "eggs" as ideas. Some "eggs" are good eggs that eventually hatch and become strong and proud. Most, however, are "bad eggs" and do you know what happens to bad eggs? They get scrambled!
So what makes a thought turn into an egg? A great idea? An executable plan? Specialized knowledge? Passionate people excited to execute the plan? Yes, to all the above.

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Stage 2: Incubation

We are not going to sit on you till you hatch. Feel better? We are going to provide a warm environment, though. Idea Incubator's staff of marketing, technology, design and finance professionals will become your staff.
We'll be your advisors, confidants and drinking buddies until we prove your concepts, all while testing and recording your egg's successes and failures (with the goal being more of the first and less of the second).

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Stage 3: Hatching

You're cracked (and in our business thats a good thing), but the real secret is not to get scrambled. By Phase 3 your egg has passed our "Pre-Incubation Screening" and proven itself on a small scale. Now it's time for the big leagues. It's like finals night on American Idol, fun, exciting and you feel a little like you're going to throw up. During "Stage 3", we stress-test every organ in your "new chick". You will remain in this "mother hen" mode until you have achieved your first $1-$2 in profitable revenues

Stage 4: Nesting

Once your chick has proven herself on a larger scale, the Idea Incubator team really shifts focus. We begin getting you ready to leave the roost. We start by building your own team, finding your own roost to rule and challenging you to take more control. You and your senior team will be responsible for all of your major decisions with the Idea Incubator staff serving only as advisors. We can also assist in 2nd round funding if needed.

Stage 5: Taking Flight

The goal of Idea Incubator is to incubate to maturity 3-5 new "eggs" per year. Once you have proven yourself, your abilities and your opportunity, we have a hungry pack of angel and venture investors, mergers and acquisition friends and operating partners ready to join you and help you fully mature your idea or exit with a big payday.

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